Chapter 2: Open Water

After embarking for Aurora on Councilor Vesrian’s ship, the Falsa Spe, the Legion found themselves in the heart of a nasty storm. The downpour greatly limited their vision. This allowed a unknown vessel to sneak up on their port side and board. The boarding party was much less than friendly, injuring several of the Legion, as well as killing three of the remaining nobles. Once the deck was finally clear, Kevdak jumped to the other ship, but quickly jumped back at the sight of more pirates closing in on him. The Legion was forced to cut the lines binding the ships and high-tail it out of there. Eventually the weather cleared and the crew was safe. Haldir then pulled an ancient arcane map from his quarters, which Alexandor, Kevdak and Adrik attempted to decipher. The puzzling nature of the map symbols proved too much for the group, however, and the ship went off course. This led the Falsa Spe to crash, marooning the entire crew on an unknown tropical island. Still groggy from washing up on shore, the crew witnessed on of the nobles being reeled back into the sea by a familiar harpoon. They had to quickly regain their wits as the Kuo-Toa Harpooners ambushed. The Legion were able to defend themselves the Councilor and Faeron, but allowed all but one of the nobles to be killed. They then searched the island for a way off and found a statue of an angel holding a balance. Equalizing the balance opened a door into a nearby waterfall. As the door slowly edged open, water rushed out, along with several decayed bodies. The elves identified them as Auroran explorers that must have met their watery demise some time ago. The Legion then entered the ancient room through the waterfall and found a shallow circular pool. Vesrian identified this as an Aura Gate, explaining it as a method of traveling between the islands surounding Aurora. He also mentioned they could only be used in conjunction with a Keystone. He quickly ushered the party onto the gate and pulled a glowing jewel pendant from around his neck. Grasping the Keystone, everyone in the gate began to glow. The party felt themselves slowly rise in the air and the dark pool below them showed the ceiling of another room. The party then fell suddenly through the gate, up into the air of an unknown room and back down onto solid ground. Without any time to react, they were surrounded by elven soldiers in brilliant white armor.



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