Chapter 1: Unwelcome Guests

The active members of the Lord’s Legion were invited to Haldir’s palace near Old Town for some well deserved time off. While attending the party; Dutch, Kevdak and Alexandor were introduced to Councilor Vesrian and his bodyguard, Faeron who had made the long journey from Haldir’s homeland of Aurora to attend, as well as seven nobles that were prospective business partners. The party wore on with stories, drinking ale and even a friendly skirmish between Faeron and a guest member of the Lord’s Legion. After retiring for the evening, they were awoken by a commotion in the palace hall. Investigation of the noise revealed the nobles and their dopplegangers, who turned out to be assassins. The assassins were swiftly dealt with, but only after killing one of the nobles. The Legion then rushed out side to rescue Haldir, Faeron and Vesrian from a group of mercenaries with a contract to kill the councilor. At the end of the encounter, the mercs were defeated. Councilor Vesrian then inspected the bodies and claimed them to be of the Sideran race. Haldir declared this to be impossible, as the Auroran archives listed them to have been extinct for nearly half a century. Anxious to relay the information back to the rest of the council, Vesrian immediately set sail back to Aurora. Haldir volunteered to accompany him, and persuaded the Legion to join.



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